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Top ten things you need to play squash

Top ten things you need to play squash
What do you need to play squash? Are you thinking of starting to play squash? pdhsports.com squash expert Paul Hargrave picks out the top ten things he thinks that every squash player should own.

Check out Paul's full video here on YouTube

1. Squash racket
A squash racket is the first and most obvious piece of equipment you will need when starting or re-starting to play squash. We recommend a full graphite racket even for beginners. There are some fantastic yet affordable examples available.
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Rackets costing less than £20 may prove to be false economy as they tend to be a much more basic construction eg aluminium and they are also heavier, harder to use so may need upgrading relatively quickly. Squash rackets are supplied pre-strung but will require re-stringing from time to time. The factory strings supplied in the rackets will be adequate for any beginner.

2. Squash balls
You will need a squash ball which is suitable for your level. If you progress to playing in leagues and tournaments you will be required to use double yellow dot or ‘Pro’ squash balls. Dunlop is still the bestselling squash ball brand, although other leading racket brands also now make squash balls too.
Check out our guide to choosing the right squash ball here
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3. Squash shoes
Squash shoes need to be non-marking and designed specifically for use on indoor courts and lateral movements. ‘Fashion’, casual, running or tennis trainers are not appropriate.
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4. Squash bag
There’s a huge range of bags to choose from and whilst a generic sports bag or holdall will suffice you may choose to purchase a racket bag which is specifically designed for squash players. These are available in different sizes and will hold 3-12 rackets plus kit. Most beginners will opt for a racket sports-specific backpack or smaller racket bag. It’s advisable to keep your squash rackets in a different compartment to damp kit and sweaty shoes to prolong the life of your squash strings which may get damaged by moisture. Many junior players prefer backpacks with racket compartments as they are lightweight and easy to carry.
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5. Squash grips
All squash rackets are supplied with a grip on the handle so you don't need to buy a new one before you start playing. Over time however your racket will need re-gripping. A 'replacement' grip is most suitable for squash rackets and can be applied in place of or over the top of the existing grip depending on the thickness which you prefer. Our bestselling squash replacement grip is the Karakal PU grip which is available in a variety of colours.
Other grips with particular characteristics are also available eg tacky, breathable and cushioned.
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6. Towel/wristbands
These are essential to wipe away sweat during a match.
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7. Water bottle
Squash is an energetic game and it is important to stay hydrated before and during a match.
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8 Squash kit
To stay cool, dry and more comfortable on court we recommend buying kit in ‘performance’ fabrics which are designed to wick away moisture and help to regulate your body temperature.
Squash clothing is available here
Good quality squash socks like the ones shown here will help you to avoid blisters.

9. Fitness equipment
It's important to look after your body. Many squash players will carry resistance and massage equipment to help warm up/cool down and to prevent or help with recovery from any injuries.
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10. Protective eyewear or squash goggles
Now compulsory for all junior players competing in sanctioned events, protective eyewear is worth considering even as an adult.
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Do you agree with our top ten? Let us know what other essential items you have in your squash bag.

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